Notice of Change in Water Supply

The City of Scobey will be receiving water from Dry Prairie Rural Water on Tuesday , December 1st. Here is what the public can expect:
During the initial change in water source, there will be many locations where the City of Scobey and Dry Prairie employees will be flushing out water that is in the pipelines and will be replacing it with the new water. During this flushing you may experience periods of low pressure or even no water for a short time. There is no need to call the office unless you experience total water loss for more than a few hours. 
Please be aware by switching to chloramine disinfection, there will probably be some chlorinous taste and odor for a couple days during the switch as the water in the system is turned over. You can help alleviate this by running water for a time within your home.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this transition. 

 Located on 20 acres just west of Scobey, Montana, is the Daniels County Museum and Pioneer Town. Thirty-five historic buildings have been restored to depict a town in the early 1900's.